Investing News
-The Qinghai Tibetan Buddhism ancient temple obtains the effective protection   08-04-18
-The total investment 3,500,000,000 Yuan saline lake group 1,000,000 ton potassium fertilizer project progress is smooth    08-04-15
-The Qilian County livestock product enters the American market to realize income 2,228,000 US dollars   08-04-14
-Laji Mountain tunneling construction completed smoothly invests 21,838,600 Yuan   08-04-14
-This year Qinghai will on new 5 electric power project total investment to surpass 9,000,000,000 Yuan   08-04-09
-Our province Danla the federal highway branch line Xining through-traffic highway   08-04-08
-The Huanghe River valley biggest hydroelectric power station will be completed in 2011   08-04-02
-Tsaidam petroleum prospecting aims at 3 hundred-million tons level goals this year   08-03-24
-The Lanqing railroad will increase the reconstruction multiple track electrification line to pass   08-03-20
-Environment of 34 Mines in Qinghai Province Is Recovered    08-03-04
-More geological parks for province   08-02-29
-New initiative on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau flora in the pipeline    08-02-26
-Xining announces forestation project   08-02-20
-Zinc purchase   08-02-19
-Projects Wanting Foreign Investment   08-02-15
-China discovers five major gold mines in 2007   08-02-13
-Chinese, Russian companies to jointly build plants    08-02-05
-The Olympic Games gold, the silver medal jade material begins shipment   08-01-24
-Green plan launched to protect lake   08-01-08
-Huge investment to improve environment of Qinghai Lake   08-01-07
-The province maximum voltage electric substation structural frame completed hoisting    07-12-25
-A total investment of 12 billion yuan of the Qinghai-Tibet power grid interconnection project start next year   07-12-24
-Qinghai state 4A-class tourism node number promoted to the 9   07-12-20
-The Qinghai-Tibet Railway Lanqing Line Construction of additional second-line rapid progress   07-12-11
-Asia's largest alkali industry projects steady implementation   07-12-07
-The project of introducing 8 experts and intelligent properties into Xining is fixed   06-09-27
-More than 20,000 farmers from Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous
Prefecture become Boss in towns
-Haidong area generally realize "Three Connections" and "Three owning"   06-09-26
-Qinghai Top Industrialized Enterprises Come Through to Tibet   06-09-26
-Oil and gas workers migrating into Golmud Sebei modernized Star-level apartment.   06-09-25
-Fixed assets investment witnessed a stable growth in the first 7 months   05-09-08
-19.2275-billion-Yuan contracts signed in Qinghai Trade Fair   05-07-21
-11.8174-billion-Yuan Contracts signed in Qinghai Trade Fair   05-08-10
-The Sixth Qinghai Trade Fair opens   05-07-18
-Investment in the New District of Southern Xining hits 3.5 billion   05-06-07
-The Sixth Qinghai Trade Fair on its internationalized way   05-05-18
-The largest alkali project in the nation on a smooth way   05-05-01
-150 investment items set for 2005 tulip festival   05-05-01
-Hydropower station at Jishixia Gorge begins construction   05-04-11
-Qinghai to put focus on 20 pillar enterprises   05-04-08
-Salt lake exploitation item approved by the State   05-03-30
-66.14 billion Yuan to be invested in 32 projects   05-03-30
-Dehydrated magnesium chloride project put into production   05-03-22
-Largest strontium -carbonate producing factory in Qinghai starts production   05-03-22
-Largest strontium carbonate-producing factory in Qinghai starts production   05-03-14
-0.8 million tons of kalium fertilizer item to be produced this year   05-03-22
-SDB Invested 0.5 bln to Xining Economic Zone   05-01-17
-A carbinol project of Golmud Refinery constructed   05-01-17
-Qinghai signed agreements with Dongfeng Motor Corp   04-12-24
-Xining Economic Zone Invested over 0.1 bln in Q1   04-12-24

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