Hydropower station at Jishixia Gorge begins construction
http://www.qhnews.com   2005-04-11 17:49

    QHNEWS -- Another large-sized hydropower station, the Jishixia Gorge Hydropower Station , has begun construction as the land is being levied , reporting from Qinghai Provincial Department of Land and Natural Resources.

    With a dam height of 100 meters and a reservoir capacity of 263.5 million cubic meters, the Jishixia Gorge Hydropower Station is located at the gorge pass on the border of Xunhua Salar Autonomous County and Minhe Hui Autonomous County. 

    Being able to generate 3.363 billion kilowatt-h annually, the power station has an installment capacity of 1.02 million kilowatt with a total investment of 5.6 billion Yuan. The project plans to be completed in 72 month and is schemed to put the first power generating unit into use in the second half of 2010.  Editem (April 10, 2005)

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