Laji Mountain tunneling construction completed smoothly invests 21,838,600 Yuan Source: Xining Evening Newspaper   2008-04-14 15:04

Along with the temperature gradual rise, Laji Mountain tunneling to welcome the gold stage which this year constructs. On April 7, reporter from the province transport department found that up to present, total completes invests 21,838,600 Yuan.

It is known that a main tunnel tenders priest hole construction accumulated at present enters the hole 330 meters; The guide hole construction accumulated enters the hole 457 meters. Two sign sections complete the clear surface, the earth or stone excavated 6000 sides, completes pile foundation total 28, the cumulative length 468 meters. The tunneling main hole completes the initial period support and protect 72 linear meters. Completes the hole body lining work 56.5 linear meters, completes design alteration tube awning 29. The even guide hole completes the initial period to support and protect 90 linear meters, completes the hole body lining work 75.5 linear meters. (author: Hu Youjun)

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